Are “We Buy Houses” Companies Credible?

Chances are if you’ve spent any length of time driving around Kansas City, you’ve probably noticed all of the signs on the side of the road for companies that advertise “WE BUY HOUSES” or “CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE.” So, the big question is…

Are Kansas City “We Buy Houses” Companies Even Credible?

Yes! The idea is absolutely legitimate. However, as with all industries, there are some companies out there that are much more honest and credible than others.

When doing your research, it can be easy for all the “we buy houses Kansas City” companies to look the same… at first glance. This article will take a look at what you need to look for and what you should watch out for when exploring your options for which company you should work with.

First off, the real estate is a perfectly respectable profession that helps add value to the communities and home sellers in lots of ways. But as in other lines of professions – there are those few bad apples that behave in unethical ways that end up making everyone else look bad, too.

Be wary and know that there are the shady and dishonest individuals out there who put their own profits and gains before the benefits of their clients. The kind who do anything to get you to sign a contract (just to lock you in) but have it written in such a way that they start changing things as soon as you sign and by the time you close, it doesn’t look like anything you originally agreed to.

Oh yes, there are people out there like that.

We want to help you avoid the shady home buyers of the world and give you an option to work with someone who is honest, ethical, and just great at providing a service that you can benefit from. We are a local home buying company that can buy your home at a fair price and then close on the timeframe that you need.

So, let’s cover what exactly that looks like.

What Reputable “We Buy Houses” Companies Actually Do

  • We help folks quickly access money that they need. Whether you need cash to cover unexpected expenses or so you can relocate immediately, we provide a way to pull the cash out of your house quickly, so you can move towards whatever issue is more pressing, within a matter of days.
  • Help homeowners get out from under a burdensome property without any hassle. This way, they don’t have to make any repairs or list with a broker and wait months for a sale.
  • We create local jobs. In order for us to flip a house, we need to hire all sorts of contractors, electricians, plumbers, brokers, title companies, loan officers, administrators, and a list of other people to get any given job done. An average transaction in real estate involves 86 people! Our projects help to boost the economy and create jobs for people in Kansas City.
  • We buy US products. All of the materials that we buy are made in the US – which helps to create jobs within our economy like factories, timber mills, supply shops, and more. The USA economy relies on consistent improvement, and our investments feed into that.
  • Bringing up values of neighborhoods in K.C. After we make improvements to a house, that helps increase values for the entire neighborhood. When we repair vacant and abandoned houses, we turn them into a beautiful new home for families, which strengthens the Kansas City housing market.

Good stuff, huh?

Some people have a tendency to think of flipping houses as some sort of a get-rich-quick game plan. This idea if heavily fueled by distorted “reality” shows that get pumped up with drama because the reality of what a real estate investor does day in and day out is actually quite boring.

The majority of our work is to coordinate with all of our workers to make sure things happen on the timeline they should. There’s a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

Now let’s get back on track to how this is helpful to you and how you can decide if someone is credible, not just orchestrating a home buying scam.

How To Make Sure You Hire An Honest and Trustworthy Home Buying Company

When talking with professional “We Buy Houses companies” that could potentially buy your property… you need to make sure to ask them as many open-ended questions as possible.

Here are some good ones to start with:

  • How is it that you help your clients?
  • What is it that you do for your clients?
  • Please tell me about how your services work?
  • Is there a part of your business that makes you proud?
  • What is your investing philosophy?
  • How do I know you’ll close when you say?

It’s important that all of their answers be consistent. If they start to change their answers, that should send off a red flag. Second, here are some telltale signs that shady investors might try and use.

  • “Kitchen table closings” – If an investor tries to have you sign over the deed over to them inside your property, instead of using a professional title company… this is a MAJOR red flag.  An honest and reputable home buyer will insist on closing with a neutral 3rd party like a lawyer or title company. This will ensure that everything is done legally and correctly.
  • Pressure you into a fast close – If we buy houses companies try to pressure and say you need to agree today, then be very leery. A good, reputable we buy houses company will give you an offer and that offer should be good for a minimum of 2-7 days for you to think it over. At Busy Beaver Homes, the reason we do put a deadline on our offers at one week is simply that the market could change and values could go up or down, so we don’t want to lock ourselves into something that could potentially be losing money. Another reason is that we buy multiple houses on any given month and when we make an offer we know we’ll have the cash to close on your property…if it’s more than a week after we made the initial offer, we cannot ensure that our funds won’t be tied up in another deal.

The important point to take away is that most scammers are looking for the easiest way to make a quick buck, they’re not interested in an in-depth interview to get to know you and how they can help your situation. When you ask too many questions, chances are good that they’ll find a way to hang up the phone and move on to someone else that doesn’t have too many questions.

A true investor with an honest and ethical business is interested in building a long-term business that is based on fostering strong relationships and developing their community.

So when you’re looking for “we buy houses companies“… remember to ask all the questions that your heart desires!

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