Avoid Commissions and Sell Your House in Kansas City

Avoid Commissions and Sell Your House in Kansas City

Are you looking to avoid commissions and sell your house in Kansas City?

Are you exploring different options to sell your house, particularly through “traditional” channels like listing your house with a real estate agent? If so, you are not alone in this. Most people choose to use a real estate agent that they trust when they sell their home, this way is more popular because sometimes people can be a little hesitant about selling their house directly to a buyer “by owner”.

But there are benefits in selling to a real estate investor,  the most obvious of which is you will avoid paying and real estate commissions or fees through the process of selling your home. By selling to a real estate investor, you are cutting out the middleman (the real estate broker), and you get not only the benefits to avoid commissions and sell your house in Kansas City, but investors are also able to provide tons of extra added benefits.

Advantages of Working With a Real Estate Investor

Sometimes thinking outside of the box is the best way to go! Selling directly to a real estate investor is doing just that – when all is said and done, you might even get a better deal than selling the “regular” way. Here are some added benefits you can expect to enjoy:

  • Real estate investors pay in cash and can close quickly. If you are in a pinch and need to sell your house, like, yesterday, then this is 100% the fastest way to sell. A good real estate investor can close in a matter of days or weeks instead of months, or work under whatever timeline it is that you are pressed up against. They just need to see your house once and from there, they are able to cut a deal with you.
  • A real estate investor will buy your house exactly as it is. They are not going to request that you make any repairs or even do any cleaning before you buy them. In contrast, most realtors are going to try and persuade you to make any repairs or updates before you put the property on the market.
  • You will avoid commissions and sell your house in Kansas City without paying any fees. Real estate agents will collect a fee when they sell your house for you. In Kansas City, the “standard fee” for them to collect is 6% of the sale on your house… and with median housing prices of $629,900 in Kansas City, that means a good $38k that will go towards commissions.

How to Avoid Commissions and Sell Your House in Kansas City

When you sell to a professional home buyer, there aren’t any real estate commissions to worry about, in fact, there are some buyers that will even pick up all of your closing costs, like Busy Beaver Homes. The fact that you are saving on commissions and fees will easily put thousands back in your pocket, creating a better deal for you. It’s important to account for these things when you are weighing out your options of whether to list your house or sell it outright to an investor. At first glance, it may look like you are getting more if you list it but you need to take into consideration that when you list your home, nothing is ever guaranteed and you also need to account for things like commissions and fees that will come out of your profits and hack the final price down.

Make sure when you weigh out your options that you really take all that into consideration so you are doing what’s best for your own particular circumstances.

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