How to Sell My House in Kansas City

So it’s time to sell your house in Kansas City, and obviously you are looking tohow to sell my house in Kansas City get top dollar.


But You’re wondering exactly “How to sell my house in Kansas City”?

First, let’s start with some pointers on how you can get your house ready to put it on the market:

*Please note that these suggestions are what you should do if you want to get full retail value for your house.  If the suggestions below seem like too much time, money and effort than you are willing to put forth, you can always sell your Kansas City house fast for fair market value in a win-win sale that will significantly cut back on time and expenses. If not, then your options for how to sell my house in Kansas City are going to look something like this:

1) Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. You are going to need to keep your house spick and span to impress your potential buyers. You never know when a new buyer will want to come and check out the place on a moment’s notice so it’s important to keep it clean 24/7. If that doesn’t sound like something you are able to do then you should seriously consider hiring a helping hand until your house is sold.

If you already know you’re in a family of slobs, consider bribing one of your clean friends to trade houses with you for a time? You’d be surprised by how many buyers will get distracted from your selling point by being grossed out by your mess, it will be worth your while to find a solution to make your house presentable.

2) Create a cohesive, neutral living space. Everything doesn’t have to be painted a neutral being, but you do want to steer clear of using any colors that are too “unique”.  In fact, a little subtle color can really add some dimension to your rooms – like a soft yellow to brighten a dark kitchen or a nice accent wall to create a calm space. Just be careful with darker colors as they tend to make rooms feel even smaller.

It is definitely worth the investment to seek out some professional help here. It’s proven that people will actually pay more for a house that has a clean, professional paint job with very neat lines – even though the paint has nothing to do with the structure of the home, it gives the impression that is was built well, even though it’s only paint.

3) Replace or fix anything that needs it. I get it, it seems like a waste to go around fixing everything that you didn’t even fix for yourself when you were living in it. You don’t want to make the investment on someone else’s behalf… especially when the chances of them changing it again are high. But most buyers are going to order a home inspection and they will use it in order to negotiate against you. As the seller, it’ll often end up costing you more to hide the neglected items from the buyer – and you definitely don’t want to be guilty of fraud.

It’s could be a good use of your money to order a house inspection before you even put your house up for sale. If they know you are asking in advance, there’s a good chance they’ll charge you a small rate beforehand, in hopes of getting your business a second time around. And prospective buyers will love to see that you’ve been proactive and got report to show them beforehand – it’ll make them feel more comfortable working with you and more inclined to make a purchase.

4) Don’t over-improve. The single biggest mistake that people (and investors) make to sell their house is they over-improve. Sometimes they get wrapped up in making custom touch-ups that in the end, don’t really add any true value to the home.

Paint will be the safest investment – this will give you the most bang for your buck and help your house to look clean, new and can really help to pull out any old smells. Other big-ticket items are anything that will improve your curb appeal. After that, it really depends on what your house needs in particular, do some research to understand which improvements will add value and avoid the ones that will just waste money.

5) Find an expert and get their opinion. It’s important that you talk to a few different brokers before you decide who is going to be the best fit for you. They can give you tips about what you can fix that will add value and what you can make some oversights on. However, if you have no intention of actually hiring a broker, be careful to let them know that and not lead them on with dishonest intentions. It really is rare to find a good broker, but the ones that are, are more than worth the cost it takes to hire them.

6) Develop a great marketing plan. Again, the great brokers out there really do earn their value by marketing your property and bringing in as many prospective buyers as possible. Marketing can get very costly and is definitely a time-consuming project, especially when starting from scratch by yourself,  so if that’s an area that you don’t have any experience in, hiring someone to do your marketing will be money well spent.

7) Look at getting a cash offer. We buy houses in Kansas City and all throughout the Kansas City Metro, and when we buy houses we do all the work, that way you won’t need to deal with anything that we have mentioned. Our intent is to give you a simple and fast way on how to sell my house in Kansas City.

Don’t Want To Do Any Of This Stuff Yourself? But Still Wondering How To Sell My House in Kansas City?

Obviously everyone desires to try and get everything they can for their house when they are looking at options on how to sell my house in Kansas City… however, not everyone has the means to make all the repairs so that they can get full retail value for their house.

Making costly repairs, doing all the upgrades and cleaning the property up all take a lot of time and money.

If you have the money to make the improvements… AND you have the time to wait 3-9 months for your house to sit on the market until it sells, then you should look at selling your house on the market with a realtor or even marketing the property yourself to find a buyer. This way, you will probably end up taking home a greater amount for your home. But..

If you don’t have the money to make the improvements… AND you can’t wait months for your house to sell… then you should definitely look into selling your house to a local cash buyer like Busy Beaver Homes. All you need to do is submit basic info about your house on our website, from there, we’ll reach out for a friendly phone call and set a time to look at your property and from there, we’ll be able to make you a fair offer for your property, and then it’s your choice to accept.

If you do, then we can close FAST – sometimes in as fast as 10 days!

So if you’re still asking how to sell my house in Kansas City… you now have 2 solid options:

  1. Fix your house up to get it beautiful and ready to show via the steps above.
  2. Sell to Busy Beaver Homes and we’ll do all of the work for you.


We can make you a fair offer for your Kansas City house.

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