Is Selling To A Cash Buyer My Best Option?

We’ll be the first to admit that Busy Beaver Homes may not be the best solution for everyone looking to sell their house. If you are wondering Is Selling To A Cash Buyer My Best Option, we hope to help you weigh out those options. First off, we specialize in resolving property problems. We bring our value in the fact that we are willing to roll up our sleeve and get to work on issues that may not always be the easiest to resolve.

The Repairs NeededIs Selling To A Cash Buyer My Best Option?

This could mean that the property needs actual manual labor attention, like leaking roofs, foundation issues, or updates to the plumbing. It could also mean working with title and escrow to resolve encumbrance issues to the title of property. Truly, there is no problem that we won’t take on, no matter how confusing or cumbersome it may be.

Your Timeframe

The great thing about selling to us is the fact that we are able to play by your schedule. We always do everything we can to shift the burden from you to us. That means if you need to relocate for a job and sell quickly, we can have your money in as fast as 7 days. This would not be the case if you’d be selling to a traditional buyer, since they are usually working with some form of financing, which means they are at the mercy of their banks. I think we all know everything that can fall through there.

Now, if you have all the time in the world and a property that you recently renovated, complete with a gourmet kitchen, new bathrooms, and all the fixings – then, by all means, you absolutely should put it on the open market. These are the kinds of houses that perform well on the market and are worth hiring a realtor to try and get every last penny possible.

A House That’s Hard To Sell

We are the best option when there are elements to your house that make it hard to perform well on the open market. The conventional homebuyer is looking for something they can move right into and not lift a finger to work on. They want a house that they do not have to worry about repairs needed soon after they move in. What often happens when houses that need repairs are put on the market is nothing but low ball offers, creating more frustrations. If you are asking is selling to a cash buyer my best option, then a good gauge is if it has a lot of repairs that need to be made and you don’t have the time or resources to fix it yourself.

If you have a home that you are on the fence about, reach out to us! We will always give an honest opinion about what your best option is, even if it’s not us.

Is Selling To A Cash Buyer My Best Option? – call us if you think it is!


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