Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City – A Guide for Sellers

Do you need to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City but since it’s the holiday season, you’re reluctant or hesitant? Well with the right help, we can guide you to selling your house – no matter what the time of year is!

Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City

Despite popular belief, the holiday season is actually a wonderful time to sell and can be used to your advantage! Since there are fewer houses listed on the market, it gives yours a chance to stand out to all the potential buyers. Believe, me people DO still move during the holidays, for a variety of reasons why. And the people who are in the market, are oftentimes the people that need to buy ASAP! This article will help you learn how to use this time of year to your advantage. Keep reading to learn how you can Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City!

Channel  Homey Feels: Warm and Inviting

No matter where you live or who you are, everyone loves to get a cozy, inviting vibe when they walk into a house. If you are doing a showing or an open house, make sure that you offer seasonal nibbles like cookies or a Christmas appetizer, and then seasonal drinks like hot cocoa or hot cider to do the trick. Not only does it give your prospective buyers a reason to hang around longer, but it also puts them in a better mood. If there is a fireplace, make sure its lit, even if you live in a warmer climate, as it will help to showcase all of the highlights of the property and create a sophisticated and inviting vibe.

Seasonal scents will also help to add to the atmosphere you need in order to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City. Think gingerbread, orange, clove, pine, and fresh-baked cookies… all scents that will help people to feel right at home. Just make sure that you are not using all the scents at once! You want to add to your coziness ambiance… not clutter or distract your guests.

Hire the Help of a Professional

Enlisting the help of a pro to decorate your home isn’t a bad idea and the return you get on your money spent will be well worth it. Look for a reasonably priced interior designers or home stagers that will transform your home into the picture of cozy you would see in a Hallmark Christmas movie. The idea here is to bring in a professional that has an impartial eye and can give you their honest opinion of what buyers will be looking for in order to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City.

Collaborating with a designer will likely require that you purchase some pieces to be fully purchased; however, you should also consider staging services that can lend you chic pieces to add the right touches. It’s super simple: they are delivered straight to your door and then you return the items after the sale. If you get a home stager that really knows what they’re doing, it should be very easy to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City.

Don’t Overly Decorate

Even the most beautiful holiday decorations can appear cluttered if not used sparingly. Many of us have mismatched boxes of ornaments, collected over time and stored in a holiday hodgepodge. If you are selling your house during the holiday season, show some restraint with the items you put out. Rudolph with the missing nose should stay in his box this year.

In addition, personalized items can make prospective buyers feel as if they are intruding. When you are showing the house, put away stockings with names and decorations made by the kids. Of course, you can put them back out after your guests have left.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Since the front yard is always what potential buyers see when coming to your house, make sure that you give them a good first impression. The very most important step that anyone can do, no matter your budget is to make the exterior clean! You want to give the impression that the property is well cared for – even if it isn’t the nicest property. Including a few tasteful decorations can also help people to feel welcome.

Definitely don’t go overboard, but a few seasonal pieces can help cultivate an inviting space that you want to create in order to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City. Incorporating lighting is also a nice touch for evening showings – just don’t go overboard. Use your neighbors as a gauge and try to keep pace with other trends you see. You don’t want to be the one lighting up the block, however, you don’t want to be the only one without lights either.

Find The Right People

Consider the type of buyers that might be moving during the Christmas season. Families with children who are on a Christmas break. Investors that are looking to buy properties before the end of the 4th quarter ends. Students and young professionals are also more likely to relocate around this time. To cover all your bases, ensure your house is marketed where it would encompass these demographic areas. You can advertise near schools, feature your ad within a local business journal or even put your listing in a college newspaper. The more ads you have out there, the faster you will be able to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City.

If we can offer you any advice, just remain optimistic and use some of these “out of the box” methods to seek out your ideal buyer! And if it ends up that you don’t find a buyer before December is over.. relax. January is right around the corner!

Do you need to Sell Your House Fast During the Holidays in Kansas City? No matter what time of the year, we can always help! Send us a message, or call our office today! 816-226-6797.

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